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Turned Edge Binders

The hand-crafted, rounded corners say quality workmanship and attention to detail. And with the wide variety of colors, ring mechanisms, and imprinting options available, turned edge binders let you say it your way.

Year after year, the investment you make in Dilley turned edge binders will be returned in the quality appearance and ease-of-maintenance they offer. And even with the harshest use, they keep your image looking new.

  • Durable thread base material turned and adhered over solid binders board
  • Kivar liner and canvas reinforced hinges
  • Available in round and flat back styles for concealed rivets
  • Available with foil stamping, screen printing, and embossing

Available in ring sizes:

½"   ¾"   1"   1½"   2"   2½"   3"

Spine Styles:

Squareback with visible rivets.

Squareback with concealed rivets.

Roundback with bound-in steel back plate and no rivets visible on the spine.

Standard Buckram Colors:

Black - 0099 Green - 560C
Gray - 423C Yellow - 131C
Brown - 469C Orange - 173C
Tan - 465C Red - 200C
Royal Blue - 294C White - 0000
Lt. Blue - 5415C Dk Green - 350C

Colors are approximate to PMS® numbers lited.
Additional sizes and styles available.

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